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We invite you to know lush beauty of the Chilean Patagonia - Argentina, in modern buses, minibuses and cars. We realize tourist trips to the most beautiful places of Patagonia.

We know the attractions of Patagonia, so your trip is as profitable as possible, for that we have pre-defined tourist routes but also you can create your own tour and we advise you on the path of travel.


Milodón Cave

Natural Monument Milodon Cave is a natural monument formed by three caves in the south of Chile, where they were found remains of milodones, large herbivorous mammals that became extinct, probably in the late Pleistocene.


Laguna Amarga

Your name the bitter taste of the water must be because they have a high salt content, which is concentrated by evaporation, leaving a white, soft layer on the banks, which contrasts with the color of the water and the colonies of flamingos who live there during the summer. 


Blue Lagoon

The journey to this place attracts great interest in attractive landscape, mountainous, steppe vegetation and plenty of wildlife, especially guanacos and rheas.


Lake Pehoe

Este hermoso lago constituye el mejor campo visual para observar los cuernos del Paine y el entorno que lo rodea, es un paisaje de imponente belleza, con aguas de color verde. En ocasiones se pueden ver reflejadas las montañas en el lago, lo que produce un espectáculo de belleza inigualable.


Salto Grande

It is located in the Pehoé sector only 2 km. the main route. You reach a parking lot and then walk 5 minutes to the viewpoint. Since there exists a quiet walk an hour on Lake Nordenskjöld, which leads to the viewpoint of the Cuernos del Paine, one of the best views of the park.


Lago Sarmiento

Located in the Torres del Paine National Park, the lake looks like it has a ring around it, suggesting, after a brief examination of the distribution of their deposits, which has experienced some hydrothermal activadad.


Cuernos del Paine

Located at 4.5 hours of trekking from Las Torres area, it is located in the heart of W Circuit. 


Lake Grey

This lake is born of the Southern Ice Field and receive huge icebergs break off the glacier Grey, giving a unique visual spectacle. Huge icebergs reach the beach, unique opportunity to be photographed with one of these ice giants. You can also perform a navigation across the lake to the glacier front.


Torres del Paine National Park

Torres del Paine is a unique natural spectacle in the world, recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve. It is located 112 kms from Puerto Natales and access by land, it is possible at any time of year.